About Permitha (Indonesian Student Association in Thailand)

PERMITHA is a member of overseas of association student alliance which os located on 600-602 Petchaburi Road, Ratchatewi in heart of  Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. The Indonesian student Association in Thailand is one institution which accomodate Indonesian student in each level education start from undergraduate to post-graduate including exchange students and internships. Established since 2005, PERMITHA has initiate several programs such as group discussions, social works, youth and sport events, cultural and arts performance, and so on.

In 2015, member of PERMITHA is approximately 500 students, which are scattered in over all Thailand. As an independent, social and academic institutions, PERMITHA take a role on society’s by conducting Asian Academic society International Conference (AASIC). By this event, PERMITHA and Indonesian Embassy Bangkok as a representative Indonesian government in Thailand to work together especially in education field. It brings Indonesian students to be more open on tangible knowledge and take a role on society life.