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The 4th AASIC

        Asia Pacific region is playing an important role in the global economy, international security and also the world’s collective efforts to improve human development. Since more than half of the world’s population lives in Asia and six of the 10 largests nations in the world are in the Asia Pacific region, it is no surprising then, if the dynamism of Asian economics contributed greatly to the global economic but also left some challenges including widespread corruption, persistent poverty, gender discrimination, environmental threats, and ethnic/religious conflicts.

        Growing as a powerful region, Asia and Pacific needs to address the challenges and turn the threats into positive gains. Acknowledging the role as the agent of change, Overseas Indonesian Student Association in Thailand (PPI Thailand/Permitha) wish to respond by continously provide a medium to share knowledge and experiences in the field of science/technology, health and humanities. We invite experts, practitioners, professionals and students from Asian countries to share their expertise, experiences, and views to gain a better understanding of the most important issues in the region, and furthermore, to provide evidence-based studies to direct the government and policy makers in designing strategic planning for the future growth and development of the regions.