The Factors Related to The Mothers' Interest in Weighing The 1-5 Years Old Toddle

Andi Kasrida Dahlan


The description of mothers' interest in using the health equipment has been shown clearly by the effectiveness of Posyandu program through the scope of weighing the toddlers in Posyandu. There are some factors that can affect the interest of a mother to do the weighing, such as age, education, occupation, and knowledge. The older a mother, the higher of interest to do so. The aim of this research is to know the factors related to the mothers' interest in weighing their toddlers age 1-5 in Posyandu at Puskesmas Bara Permai Palopo city. This research is a quantitative research with cross sectional design. The samples of this research are mothers who visited the Puskesmas Bara Permai in 2013 with the total sample of 63 mothers. The results of this research shows that age, education, work status, and knowledge have the significant relation between the interest of a mother in weighing their toddler where the value of p is ≤ 0,05. For the staffs, they need to increase the distribution of information about the importance of weighing the toddlers age 1-5 years old to increase the quality of toddlers life. 

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