Oxytocin Massage as an Alternative in Increasing Prolactin Hormone Level and Lactation Process on Post-sectio Caesarrea Women (Case Study in Semarang City Hospital)

Nurdiana D, Onny S, Sri Sumarni, Supriyana Supriyana, Yennita Maharani


Exclusive breastfeeding is one way to decrease the IMR (infant mortality). Nevertheless, among post sectio-cesarean women, the main focus is on their recovery, so that breast feeding process is hampered. Breastfeeding requires hormone prolactin and oxytocin, which can be stimulated by breast care and oxytocin massage. This research aims to confirm the influence of oxytocin massage in increasing prolactin hormone levels and breastmilk production among post Sectio-caesarean

women in the Semarang hospital.

This research used quasi-experiment one-group pretest-posttest design with a sample of 20 people. Prolactin hormone test with blood samples and baby‘s weight on the first and fourth post Sectio

Caesarea Massage was measure during ten minutes in the morning and afternoon for three days.

The paired t-test result show that there was a significant difference of prolactin hormon before and after oxytocin massage with t-score = 3,5129 > t table = 2,093. Likewise, the baby weight before

and after massage also showed an increased with t-score = 3,271> t table = 2,093. The results indicates, oxytocin massage can be applied to increase prolactine hormone levels and breastfeeding

production for post sectio caesarea women (baby weight). 

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