Awakening Through Career Woman: Social Capital for Javanese Migrant Worker in Southeast Asia

Anggaunitakiranantika Anggaunitakiranantika


Becoming a career woman is a wish for most Javanese woman when living from agricultural system is not good for their survival mechanism. Not only high quality of standard living but also lifestyle has influence most Javanese women changing their mindset and becoming career woman is the solution through this problem. Career importance for Javanese meant woman have met with public sector occupation, including become migrant worker as what has been happening for last decade in Indonesia. This article figure out the Javanese woman who constructing their career as a migrant worker on Southeast Asia country, such as Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam, succeed on reach the goal as a career woman. Based on qualitative research, Javanese migrant worker who stayed at Southeast Asia country creating career system with strengthening collective consciousness and constructing Javanese identity on each country by family hood. In line with this situation, social capital evolving as a key through career for Javanese migrant worker and renowned as recruitment mechanism among them. Thus, within a decade, tracer into succeed Javanese migrant worker influence another Javanese in Indonesia by following same path. Having communication until they have got a career on Southeast Asia country and line up their family hood, having leisure time as migrant worker career woman by hang out or having lunch together and constructing the new identity as New International Javanese with modern lifestyle,

being autonomous, and commercial. 

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