Expert System for Measuring the Sugar-content in Sugarcane Using Forward Chaining Method

Heri Nurdiyanto, Putut Hasto Kuncoro


The development of the sugar industry has the potential and promising prospects for the price and the national sugar requirement is very high. However, the relationship between the sugarcane farmers with the sugar factory does not have a positive correlation yet. It was due to the lack of farmers' trust toward the sugar factory's yield arrangement which is done through difficult calculations to understand by them. To facilitate the farmers to know the sugar-content in sugar cane, then a system that can measure the levels of sugar-content in the sugarcane is made. This system adapts the way of an expert's thought in measuring the periodical yield sugarcane. This system is designed to help farmers to determine the yield of sugarcane with a more transparent calculation process. This system was developed with a forward chaining inference method. By using this system, farmers are expected to be able to determine the levels of sugar-content in their

sugarcane with more accurate and transparent via the internet. 

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