Sentras (Asean Tourist Attractions) : Gis Application for Optimizing Asean Tourism Using Google Maps Api V2 Based on Android Operating System

Diyan Wahyu Pradana, Roni Kurniawan


Geographic Information System (GIS) based on android for ASEAN Tourism is mobile based GIS application with integrating GPS (Global Positioning System) at the mobile within internet access. There are already several mobile-based GIS applications, but generally they are related with the college location and public facilities such as ATM. Each mobile-based GIS applications are also dedicated to represent GIS in specific areas. The integrated GIS-based mobile application for searching necessary tourism location as part of GIS are not currently available, especially for ASEAN countries which has many tourist attractions, both natural attractions, agrotourism, culinary tours, even cultural and religious tourism. This research aims to create GIS applications for ASEAN tourism based on Android OS using Google Maps API V2 which integrates GPS on the mobile and internet access. This application is expected to help the users in searching the nearest tourist attractions with the user's position. This application is also able to filter tourist attractions by type of tourism locations respectively. Nearby tourist locations are displayed based radius system. This application innovation lies in the use of Google Maps API V2 as basic resource maps in creating

GIS map for ASEAN Tourism GIS Application. 

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