Mental Health Literacy Among People In Lampang Province, Thailand

Sriprapai Inchaithep, Maneerat Punsawat, Panadda Nuntana


Background: Mental health literacy (MHL (is associated with the likelihood of sustaining mental health illness, and an ability to prevent and reduce the severity of mental health problems . Promoting mental health literacy is therefore important in order to promote psychological wellbeing and prevent mental health problems.

Objective: To describe mental health literacy among people in Lampang province and to assess the factors associated with mental health literacy.

Methods :The sample consisted of 380 participants including people age 20 and above in Lampang province using multistage stage random sampling .The instrument was mental health literacy questionnaire consisting of three domains :knowledge of mental health, believe of mental health, and mental health efficacy. Descriptive statistics, Pearson product moment correlation and Chisquare, were used for data analysis.

Results: Mental health literacy among people in Lampang province was at a moderate level of knowledge and believe of mental health ( =9.86, S.D = .2. =2.48, S.D = .0.26 (and high level of mental health efficacy ( = 3.03, S.D = .0.28 .(Mental health literacy correlated positively to age, level of education and mental illness history of the family as showed statistically significant at .05 level.

Conclusion and Recommendations :The results of this study which revealed moderate level of knowledge and believe of mental health warrant educational interventions to promote mental health literacy among this population

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