Gender Role, Working Women and Family: a Sociological Study on some selected professionals in Chittagong City, Bangladesh

Mohammad Mohiuddin


The article scopes to analyze the role of women in family after getting job. The study that we conducted showed that women’s traditional role in the context of family in Bangladesh didn’t change. Rather those who are working, have to perform dual job. They maintain both family and work together. In family, they make breakfast, cook lunch and dinner, rear and care children, look after elderly and young members, deal family problems and troubles etc. Simultaneously, in work, they conduct their respective jobs and duties. This type of duality sometimes creates trouble in family and carrier. According to study, as a professional woman, working women (WW) cannot manage their family properly and cannot give quality time to their children. On the other, due to huge pressure from family activities, they cannot concentrate properly to their work, which may affect their carrier. Joint family is an ideal place for working women, where other members can help them and single family is a difficult place for (WW) because they don’t get any help from others. To understand these relationships, some statistical tools have been applied.

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