Most Popular Water Resource In Than Gaing Village, Pwintphyu Township, Magway Region, Myanmar

Wai Phyo Aung, Supatra Chadbunchachai


Understanding community resource consumption is the key to development of communities. This study aim to understand which water resources are frequently relied upon and used by households in Than Gaing Village, Pwintphyu Township, Magway Region, Myanmar. This study is intended to identify most popular use of water-resources in Than Gaing. The descriptive study deign conducted by surveying 147 households in the community. The collected data was calculated with basic statistic and identify the natures of households through their demography, occupation, family size. The study showed that three types of water resources available in Than Gaing Village, water-wells, river and canal. The most water resource consumed in the community is water-wells as the survey result indicate that 115 households (78.2% of the households) only use water-wells, 4 households (2.7%, of households) use water-wells and river, 22 households (14.9% of total households) use canal and water-wells, 6 households (4.1%) of total households use all the water resources in community; river,canal and water-wells. There are total of 42 water-wells scattered across the community.

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