The Implementation Of Engineering Learning Concept For Community Service In Plered, Indonesia

Indah Lestari, Yusi Satriyo, Angga Rusdinar, Ramdhan Nugraha


The number of learning styles can influence behavior of their objects, which change the way of thinking, acting, and even communication ability. The suitable recognition leads to the improving experience students might have. One of them is Engineering Learning. It is a concept for students to get involved finding problems in society and create the solution with the idea of engineering. This learning will directly examine theoretical understanding of students, for then bringing together the effective way to be applied. Engineering Service Community (ESC) is an activity focused on community service with having Engineering Learning concept. Held by universities globally, ESC consists of students as objects of Engineering Learning notion and lecturers to supervise any decision taken. This year (2018), ESC is being conducted in Plered, West Java, Indonesia, which has been known for ceramic production. Lately, due to conventional way of processing, the industries in Plered are being challenged to overcome the decreasing quality of the commodity. This paper will review the implementation of Engineering Learning method to meet the needs of society in Plered and the application of students’ conceptual framework.

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