The New Era of Learning

Muenjit Jitsoonthornchaikul


It is widely understand in today almost everyone lives in changing society both in technology and innovation in many sectors; production leaning, logistical process, retailing, hospitality and tourism industry, healthy system, including education transformation to blend learning and online learning. The opportunity for learning seem boundless, offering accessible online platform, active learning to be emphasized with 21st skills; big data analysis skill, digital literacy skill, or even life skill essence as important as lifelong learning. Effectiveness of learning is not depended on teacher only, but peer-to-peer model in learning environment can create new creative thinking ideas. It is inevitably almost possible for learners for self – development and sharing in digital community with innovated technology. Finding alternative tools, methods, and media of learning for all, especially new generation in order to fulfill entrepreneur’ needs in task requirements with high creativity and fruitful performances, and to be ready for the future abundantly.

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