The Method And Process For Establisshing A Centre For The Production Of Buddhist Digital Communication Era 4.0 Through The Co-operation Of A Group Network In Chiang Rai Province

Phrakrukittipatananuyut Phrakrupaladnattaphon, Timothy Walker, Phra Akkhraphisut Siriwattano


Academic article concerning the method and process for establishing a centre for the production of Buddhist digital communication Era 4.0 through the co-operation of a group network in Chiang Rai province. The study shows that the establishment of a Buddhist digital centre for the propagation of Buddhism, comprised of 3 main centres, namely, 1( a network-based centre to produce academic communications, with the function of gathering and developing information, including information from the Tripitaka and the lives of great disciples, and so forth, including academic training in propagation for monks, novices, and lay men and women; 2( a centre to produce communications to develop practices with the characteristic of a network of personnel to propagate Buddhism, as a centre for people to meet and practise disseminating Dhamma correctly and to actively practise disseminating Dhamma to the people; and 3( a knowledge centre for Buddhist digital communication Era 4.0, a centre for developing a model and method for propagating Dhamma using various media in order to foster the dissemination of Buddhist teachings. There will be a centre in each province and district, which will also be a centre for communication between different branches of the Sangha, between the Sangha and the Buddhist community, as well as between the Sangha and the State or related organisations. It will produce all methods of communication in order to propagate Dhamma to the people, so that relevant organisations, including temples and monks, can make use of these media in order to spread the teachings of Buddhism, according to what is appropriate.

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