Using Brain-based Learning To Enhance The Speaking Abilities Of Grade 2 Students

Liam Parnell


Speaking English is a fundamental skill for young learners, because it is a productive skill, necessary for the purposes of communication; we speak far more in our daily lives than we write. This research used Brain-Based Learning in teaching English for Grade 2 students in order to investigate its effects on their speaking abilities and to examine the students’ opinions towards learning English through Brain-Based Learning. The samples were 30 Grade 2 students, studying English in Chaiyaphum, Thailand. The students were taught using 3 lesson plans designed according to the principles and requirements of Brain-Based Learning, over a 6 week period. Prior to and after the lessons, the students speaking abilities were evaluated on five criteria; task completion, comprehensibility, fluency, pronunciation, and grammar, in a pre-test and post-test. The results of the tests were statistically analyzed by mean, standard deviation, and t-test for dependent samples. The results showed that students’ speaking abilities were significantly higher after learning English though Brain-Based Learning. The survey of students’ opinions indicated that the students enjoyed learning English through these lessons.

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