Design Wireless Power Charging For Battery 12 Volts On Automatic Guided Vehicle

Andi Aswin, Angga Rusdinar, Estananto Estananto


In this era, technology is getting more advanced and develop rapidly. Most of every created technology requires an electrical energy. Along the current technology development, power or electrical energy delivery can deliver through air without using a cable as in general. However on AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle) technology, charging power transfer is still conventionally using cable. The purpose of this paper is to resolve the power transfer process so that become more efficient. By applying wireless charging technology, the charging process into AGV can be more efficient. A 220 V power source with 50 Hz frequency will be forwarded to the power supply which changes AC to DC then will be converted again to the inverter from DC to AC voltage forwarded directly to the primary coil through air delivery. The results that have been achieved in this paper is the amount of power delivered more than 6.75 watts with a frequency of 9 KHz. The optimal distance for sending power is 0 - 5 cm. So the distance on wireless charging greatly affects the quality of the power delivery process performed.

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