Households’ Perceptions Toward Tourism Development In Mount Jizu Tourism Scenic Area, Shazhi Village Commune, Yunnan Province Of China

Chengbiao Wang, Somsak Srisontisuk


Tourism development is a very important industry to improve the development of countries, households is a key participator and practitioner about tourism development in the rural area, the manager of tourism and governors can set up the reasonable and effective strategy to driving the local economic development depend on the households' perceptions. This research aimed 1)to study perceptions of households toward tourism development, and 2) to analyze the factors related to the perceptions of households toward tourism development in Mount JIZU scenic area, SHASHI Village Commune, Dali City, Yunnan Province of China. The research was conducted using quantitative methods through the survey questionnaires, A total of 227 valid samples were collected. The finding revealed that 1)The households' head had positive perceptions toward tourism development in terms of economic, social-cultural and environment. 2) Also a series of independent variables were associated with the perceptions of the household head toward tourism development, the independent variables including of gender, age, education, income, length of residence, employed in the tourism industry, the management of government, the future planning of tourism project, and contact frequency with outside tourists.

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