Knowledge’s Level Of The Child’s Farmers Against The Use Of Pesticide And The Dangers

Maria G. C. Yuantari, Sri Handayani, Eti Rimawati, Kismi Mubarokah, Eko Hartini


Indonesian farmers depend on pesticide, which is deemed as their life-saver for harvests. However, unconsciously the chemicals are toxic and dangerous to the farmers' health, consumers, and the other micro-organisms. Pesticides even threaten children's health as the next generation. This study aimed to identify the level of knowledge of child's farmers against the use of pesticide and the dangers. The method of the study was cross-sectional with interview technique, located in Curut and Wedoro villages, sub-district of Penawangan, Grobogan district. The population of the study is child's farmers in Curut and Wedoro villages. The sample has been taken based on inclusion criteria with child's farmers in the grade of 3, 4, ad 5 of primary school, with a total of 52 children. Results showed that children's farmers have had low knowledge of pesticides and its dangers. It showed 76,8% did not know about pesticides, 61,5% did not know the use of pesticides, 69,2% did not know its dangers, 86,5% did not know how to dispose of pesticides, 55,8% did not know that personal equipment was used on the farm, and 65,4% was never given information about pesticides. These children lacked knowledge about the use of pesticides and the dangers. This effect is to due to the avoidance of appearing as part of the wrong culture or behavior that is against the use of pesticides.

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