The Adoption Of Appropriate Technology Model For Harvesting The Organic Rice In The New Theory Farming

Wathit Wongdocmai, Eakphisit Banjongklian, Prinya Deerasmee, Krissana Khamfong, Pornpat Rittichai


The purpose of research is to study and design the adoption of appropriate technology for harvesting the organic rice in the new theory farming. This paper focuses on methods of participatory action research (PAR). It involved researchers of Uttaradit Rajabhat University and 19 members of organic rice farmer group in Raiooy subdistrict, Pichai, Uttaradit province which is the part of university engagement strategic. Research instruments were an interview form and a questionnaire designed to collect the relevant data of the organic rice harvesting, The result of the study were as follows: (1) the total rice field is about 449 rai and the organic rice field is about 164 rai; (2) the maximum of organic rice field is about 25 rai and the minimum of organic rice field is about 2 rai; (3) the average size of the organic rice field is about 8.63 rai per member; and (4) there are three technoloy forms can be utilized: harvesting by labor, harvesting by lawn mover, and harvesting by rice combine harvester. The resolution from the meeting between researchers and farmers group was using the used rice combine harvester from Japan is the appropriate way due to low budget, effectiveness and convenience.

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