The Development Of Rural Tourism In The Region Of Zhu Kula Village, Dali City, Yunnan Provience, China

Yuying Tao, Supaporn Poungchompu


This study has explored the development of rural tourism in Zhu Kula Village, Pingchuan Town, Dali City, Yunnan Province, China. In order to obtain the objectives as follows: to study an impact of Zhu Kula village rural tourism on rural development; to study the obstacles of sustainable tourism development of Zhu Kula village, this study applies a quantitative method to understand rural tourism development through interviews and a questionnaire survey, measuring villagers' opinions on rural tourism development. This study randomly selected 76 households and 100 tourists and chose 5 key informants to conduct interview surveys. The results show that 74% of the villagers support the development of local rural tourism, while 98.6% of the villagers believe that this tourism has increased their income and improved their living standards and 97.4% of them agree that tourism promotes local rural development, and most of tourists (95%) deem lack of recreational facilities as the main reason hindering the development of local tourism. The results show that the development of rural tourism projects has had a positive impact on Zhu Kula, which is conducive to promoting local rural development and accelerating economic development. In order to achieve the goal of relying on tourism to help Zhu Kula villagers get rid of poverty and increase wealth. Thus, the government should support the development of local tourism to improve the management of Zhu Kula tourism, such as attracting company investment, increasing entertainment facilities, developing entertainment projects, and improve the tourism service system, to promote sustainable development of rural tourism in Zhu Kula village.

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