The Impact Of Celebrity Endorser, Trust And Product Quality To The Purchase Decision Mediated By The Word Of Mouth

Suwitho Suwitho, Syahira Ullin Nuha, Hendri Soekotjo


Consumers are going through the series of cognitive processes before making a purchase decision. The aim of this study is to determine the impact of celebrity endorser, trust and product quality to purchase decision either directly or indirectly through the word of mouth. The population in this study are females who are actively using instagram in the city of Surabaya. As the number of the population is not known, the purposive sampling is employed. A total number of sample in this study is 100 respondents. The data analysis technique is using path analysis and sobel test. Findings shows that celebrity endorser and trust have no significant impact on purchasing decision. In contrast, product quality has positive significant impact to purchased decision. On the other hand, word of mouth does not mediate celebrity endorser, trust, and product quality to purchase decision. As a result, word of mouth does not influence consumers to make a final purchase decisions on fashion products advertised via Instagram.

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