From "Smart City" to "Smart Tourism" : Developing The Role of Tourism in Asia

Muhammad Arfi Rayyan, Alif Octaviawan, Rendy Billiyanto


The Indonesia Investment stated tourism sector absorbs majority of the workforce and contributes 9% of the total national economy. Therefore, this sector should be developed through smart tourism as well as the smart city concept. Banyuwangi has natural resource potential that tries to implement this development. This qualitative-descriptive research goals is to learn the way Banyuwangi develops its tourism as a smart city, especially in Tamansari Ijen Village. The data is collected through interviews, observation, and documentation. The result shows that the realization of smart tourism needs coordination and management of destinations, development of tourism objects amount, development of the technology access, digital promotion of culture and local products, and economic development of society. Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that the development of smart tourism as an effort to achieve 8th and 12th goal of the SDGs also creates employment and promotes local cultures and products.

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