The Analysis Of Leading And Non-Leading Sectors The Economic Growth In Southwest Aceh

Witri Endang Lia, Yayuk Eko Wahyuningsih, Yenny Ertika


The success of economic development, in terms of growth, is by measuring the Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) to optimize local economic development in the era of regional autonomy which refers to Law No. 32 of 2004. This law contains about local government which automatically demands regional governments to be globally oriented such as optimizing the leading sectors and developing the non-leading sector to become leading sectors, as happened in Southwest Aceh. This study aims to analyze the effect of leading and non-leading sectors toward the economic growth in Southwest Aceh in 2010/2016 with 17 sectors. The data used were secondary data taken from Statistics Indonesia by applying location quotient and simple linear regression analysis model. The results of study show that the value of the correlation coefficient (R) obtained was 0.895 which draws that the relationship between leading and non-leading sectors toward the economic growth had a good correlation. Furthermore,

the coefficient of determination (R2) was 80.1%. The equation was Y = 8.214 + 2.034X1 + 31.007X2 + e. Next, the value of thit in the leading sectors was 2.338 and significant at α = 10%, and the value of thit in the leading sector coefficient was as much as 1.719 and insignificant. Then, the Fhit value of leading and non leading sectors were significant. In other words, both leading and non leading sectors had positive effects on the economic growth in Southwest Aceh

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