The Effect of Financial Compensation And Non-Financial Compensation for the Motivation and Performance of Employees in Private Clinics of Lumajang Regency

Emmy Ermawati, Suwitho Suwitho


This study aims to identify the effects of financial compensation and non-financial compensation on performance of employee with motivation as intervening variable in private health clinics. The population of this research is private clinic employee in Lumajang Regency with 34 respondents used as sample. Data analysis technique used multiple linear regression analysis. The result of this study indicate that variable financial compensation have a direct significant effect on performance variable. The same thing happen for non-financial compensation variable but in opposite relationship. Coefficient of determination for motivation variable equal to 76,7% which means this variable can be explained by two independent variable in this research. This is different from the performance variable which is only 42,9%. Furthermore, this research is expected to contribute in the development of management science studies, especially human resource management so that it can become a reference for further research

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