Farmer School in National Food Storage Area to Maintain Indonesia's Food Security

Aninditya Putri Prameswari


Technical issues regarding food security are often conceptualized with inappropriate policies. Food security is a fundamental issue not only nationally but also internationally. The purpose of this study is to channel the concept of farmer schools to farmers in Indonesia's national food storage area as an effort to maintain food supplies relates to food security. This study uses a qualitative method. The study explains the concept of farmer schools and educating farmers on argriculture to maintain their production and guided by agriculture experts as an effort to maintain the stability of Indonesia's food security, especially in the national food storage area. Data analysis techniques uses the study of food security and farmers empowerment and agricultural scholars by Indonesia government. Increasing production and adequate quality of food production will protect Indonesia from the food crisis and as solutions to national food security. Alongside this effort, farmers can produce good quality food sources that are able to solve the problems of food security and the quality of food production.

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