Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) yield and its components as affected by lime and rice husk ash in An Phu soils, An Giang, Viet Nam

Nguyen Van Chuong, Trang Kien Bush, Pham Van Liem


The study of the effects of lime and rice husk ash in peanuts was carried out in winter-spring 2017 inside the dyke at An Phu district, An Giang province, consisted of following experiments: (i) Effects of lime, rice husk ash to Characters in soil. (ii) Effects of lime, rice husk ash on Arsenic and Cadmium uptake of peanuts, (iii) Effects of lime, rice husk ash to Yield and yield components of peanuts. The experiment was carried out with 4 treatments, 4 replications. The results showed that the treatment with lime and rice husk ash combination increased pH and EC in soil; the arsenic and cadminm contents in stems and seeds were lowest (81.0; 27.0 μg/kg and 1.7; 0.18 mg/kg, respectively) and produced the highest average total yield per hectare (7.59 tons) which significantly differed from all other treatments, the lowest yield (4.63 tons) was in the control treatment

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