The Study on Agricultural Export Trade to China thought R3A Road: The Case of Phulae Pineapple

Nutdhavuth Meechaiyo, Jian Guo


This research is qualitative research aims to 1. Study the authority and duties of the Yunnan Provincial Inspection and Quarantine Office, Especially the policy on importing agricultural products from Thailand; 2. Studying the standards and system of importing fresh fruits of China, especially pineapples, including quarantine standards Import permission regulations; 3. Study problems and obstacles and opportunities, in expanding the Thai pineapple export market to China in Yunnan province and neighboring provinces; 4. Study the demand for pineapple products and appropriate distribution channels.

The research found the Thailand fresh fruit use the R3A road export to China meet 3 obstacles are 1. High Transportation Cost, complex cross border procedures and poor condition of transport infrastructure are effective trade. Barriers. 2. The issue of trade facilitation, vehicles in China and Thailand cannot be directly connected, affecting the efficiency of logistics and transportation; 3. China and Thailand have different standards of inspection and quarantine for fruit import and export. which affects the export of Phulae Pineapple to the Chinese market. Chinese and Thai governments should strengthen consultations to promote trade facilitation; at the same time, the Chiang Rai should develop the pineapple processing industry and increase agricultural products value.

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