Breadfruit (Astocarpus altilis) Noodle as a Local Food for Improving Food Diversification in Indonesia

Sofia Rizki Aulia, Siti Ayuningtyas Heriyadi, Desti Maharani


Indonesia ranks number one in the world for the level of rice consumption reaching 124 kg per capita per year. In fact, the amount of rice in Indonesia are decreasing because of environmental factors. Meanwhile, the population growth rate in Indonesia are increasing with an average growth rate of 1.43% per year which leads to the increasing demands of rice. Food diversification could be a solution to tackle this problem. It can be done by processing breadfruit into flour and make it as noodle. Breadfruit flour contains high nutrient that makes it potential to be an alternative for the substituent of staple food. It contains 302 calories of energy and 78.9 g of carbohydrate. The main processes are immersion, drying, milling and straining. As a result, breadfruit noodle could be an alternative staple food in Indonesia so that Indonesia will not only depend on rice as its staple food.

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