Synergy of Government and Society in Maximizing Food Security in Indonesia

Aryana Sekar Widyaningsih, Nurul Andriyani


The background of this research is the problem of low food security, namely the lack of food availability will have an impact on the difficulty of someone accessing food due to factors such as drought, economic instability, and scarcity of raw materials. One impact can lead to low levels of nutritional adequacy, decreased endurance and weakening of the level of intelligence, which will result in a lost generation that can hamper the development of the nation to progress. So that efforts are needed to overcome this problem such as food diversification, reducing imports accompanied by improving the quality of domestic production technology and the need for synergy between the government and the community to overcome these problems. The method in this study uses descriptive and exploratory methods that aim to present a complete picture of the situation to explore and clarify the phenomenon under study. Therefore, the synergy between the government and the community is expected to overcome the problem of food security in Indonesia.

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