Pencak Macan: Unique Tradition In Marriage As An Effort To Develop Community Morals Through The Tourism Village

Zulfiatul Inayah, Mohammad Masruddin Firdiyansyah, Yuriza Ayu Listadiana


Marriage is one of the sacred and noble pre-social institutions in achieving the goal of creating a family full of love, virtue, and mutual support for others. The social and cultural conditions that developed in Gresik were thick with the spirit of Islam which was proven through activities that were valid and developed in the community. One of them is Pencak Macan. This tradition is often held during weddings, especially in the Lumpur Village, Gresik. This is one of the efforts through the idea of the Art-Religion Tourism Village as an adaptive step in internalizing Islamic values contained in Pencak Macan. The theoretical foundation used in this scientific paper uses functionalism theory, then analyzed using a SWOT analysis. These results then became a practical basis in determining the pattern of distribution of Islamic and Indonesian values through the idea of an Art-Religion Tourism Village.

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