Tedung E Beddhih: The Tradition Of Sleeping On The Sand As A Potential Health-Tourism Based On Sumenep Local Wisdom

Nilna Maulida, Maratus Sholikhah, Fitria Damayanti, Erza Meliana Putri


Tedung E Beddhih is a local wisdom which is sleeping on the sand that came from Sumenep, Madura. Historically, Tedung E Beddhih is believed to give good effects for health. The research proved that the sand in Sumenep contains CaO (Calcium Oxide) which can accelerate the blood circulation and return body metabolism, also Zn (Zinc) and Cu (Copper) that useful for antibacterial. Sleeping on the sands concept can be one of local communities' livelihood in developed further. The Research method that used is qualitative by taking data through interview, observation, and library research. The purpose of this research is to improve human resources, improve the economy of residents, and to protect the diversity of indigenous cultures as the identity of the Madurese community.

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