The Factor Risk of Obesity to Asthma and Intervention Study of Treatment Technique: A Systemic Review

Febrina Yolanda, Jaslis Ilyas


Asthma has increased by 2.0 and 2.3 times in obese children and adults. Obesity is also associated with inflammation and control of asthma which can be mediated by increased respiratory tract inflammation and hyper responsive respiratory tract. Systematic Review and meta-analysis method by using PRISMA- P 2015 were used in this study. We were collected through searching electronic literature from Sciencedirect, Researchgate and Google Scholar. Based on the literature study method conducted in 25 related journals, it can be summarized that there are similar perceptions of the results of analysis where asthma is closely related to obesity due to several main factors. Obesity impact as an important role in the development of respiratory diseases. Asthma and obesity are complex and multifactorial which greatly affects health conditions, where the body's internal factors and environment play an important role in the health and quality of life of the community. Weight loss can improve lung function, reduce the possibility of asthma, and improve overall health status. Appropriate treatment techniques for individuals suffering from acid obesity can be done through simvastatin therapy and increased body adiponectin.

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