The Evolution Of Social Entrepreneurship In Thailand

Khanh-Minh A. Le


Social enterprises began in Thailand in the 1970s. Since then, these dual-mission organisations, which strive to satisfy both economic and social aims, have flourished and are considered by the government as key social innovation drivers. Although the term is familiar to certain groups, the general public awareness remains limited, thus efforts are still required to understand, develop support, and encourage government and stakeholders to facilitate social enterprises for better governance in the country.

This paper explores the evolution of social entrepreneurship in Thailand since its beginnings. In doing so, the paper also seeks to contribute to the understanding of the history of Thai social enterprises in relation to the contemporary political and socio-economic context of the country. Finally, the paper briefly compares the social enterprise landscape in Thailand with that of Vietnam in order to draw potential policy implications for Vietnam’s social enterprise legal framework.

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