Traditional Crafts And Rural Economic Development: Case Study Of Traditional Rural Handicraft Industry In Yunnan

Liu Ling Tong


The Baishapo Yi village in Yunnan China is located in the middle of the mountainous area. Due to the drought and low precipitation in successive years, the vegetation gradually degenerates and the land is rocky desertification, a sharp decline in crop yields year after year. Large numbers of young and middle-aged farmers have given up on farming and have gone to cities to find new jobs. Local farmers, especially the poor left-behind women, need to find new approach to increase their income. Therefore, relying on rich ethnic cultural resources, Baishapo Yi village has tried to develop the handicraft industry with female craftsmen as its core elements. This study takes case analysis as an entry point and attempts to explain the feasibility of using the handcraft industry to cover the shortage of agricultural production

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