”Festival Ubi Gajah” Programs as an Efforts to Improve the Local Economy to Great Sustainable Development Goals 2030 in Gajah Village Ponorogo

Adellia Permatasari, Christin Panjaitan, Annisa Destiani, Siti Sulikhah


The main commodities and culture of Gajah Village are sweet potato and ”Festival Gajah-gajahan”. However, residents in Gajah Village still cannot process sweet potatoes into economic goods, besides that the population also still has a high school dropout rate. Therefore, the author gave an innovation in the form of "Festival Ubi Gajah" through community empowerment. The purpose of writing this scientific paper is to find out a general description of the community in Gajah Village, so that it is aligned with the "Festival Ubi Gajah" program and knows the mechanism for implementing the "Festival Ubi Gajah" program. The theory used is processed agricultural products and community empowerment. The research method used is qualitative by taking data through interviews, observation, and literary studies. The target of this activity is teenagers in Gajah Village. The results of this activity are expected to be able to help the community in increasing the selling value of sweet potato as agricultural products and reducing the rate of drop out in Gajah Village, Ponorogo.

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