Pro Cons The Policy of Involvement of Foreign Airlines in Indonesia Domestic Flights Routes (International and National Law Perspectives)

Indirwan Indirwan, Muhammad Bintang Pratama, Rizal Irvan Amin


The involvement of foreign airlines in Indonesian domestic flights was launched by the Government as a solution to reduce the price of expensive domestic aeroplane tickets to reap the pros and cons in the society. The participation of foreign airlines is expected to make a competitive climate to increase national airline services. This study aims to determine the suitability and appropriateness of foreign airline involvement policies at domestic flights routes in accordance with international law and national law perspectives. The research method used doctrinal legal research that is prescriptive in nature through literature studies using data analysis techniques related to the themes discussed. The novelty of this study to know about the policy is appropriately implemented as long as there are mechanisms and conditions agreed upon between the Indonesian Government and foreign airlines. The implementation of this policy requires clear legal regulation because was not allowed by international and national law principles.

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