Indonesia Efforts in Accelerating Orangutan Repatriation From Thailand to Conserve from Illegal Trading (Repatriation between 2004-2017)

Muhammad Sabilal Muhajirin


The aims of this article are explain orangutan’s repatriation process from thailand and analysis Indonesia efforts in orangutan’s repatriation process. Generally, orangutan repatriation process according to IUCN Guideline for Management of Confiscated Animals. The innitilal assessment include on species identification, IUCN conservation status and priorities, health check, fitness to survive, reason for confiscation, and country of origin and arrival. Repatriation of great apes may be difficult, both politically and logistically, but this is needed to encourage the restoration of great ape ecosystems. During this repatriation, Many challenges are faced by Indonesia includes international distrust, lack of commitment and funding, and military coups.

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