September 2012

  1. Family name/Surname: PANZA                                                                                                                                                                  
  2. First Name: Alessio
  3. Date and place of birth: 03 November 1952; Palazzago – Italy
  4. Passport holder of:      Italian Passport   YA 0046883

Private Permanent Address Siam Patumwan B, 468/548 Petchburi Rd

Bangkok 10400 – Thailand

Office phone 66(0)2 2188192  Mobile Phone 66-81-8690865


  1. Education:
Institutions: Universita’ degli Studi di Pavia . Italy.
From (months/year) To (months/year) November 1972 – July 1978
Degree: Medical Doctor (Honors)
Institutions: Universita’ degli Studi di Pavia . Italy.
From (months/year) To (months/year) November 1978 – July 1981
Degree: Specialist in Paediatrics
Institutions: The University of Liverpool. UK
From (months/year) To (months/year) January 1985 April 1985
Degree: Diploma in   Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
Institutions: The University of Liverpool. UK
From (months/year)   To (months/year) January 1989 December 1989
Degree: Master of Community Health (Distinction)


  1. Language skills (Mark 1 to 5 for competence, where 5 is the highest):
Language Level Passive Spoken Written
Italian Mother Tongue 5 5 5
English 5 5 5
French 5 5 3
Thai 4 3 1
  1. Membership of Professional Bodies:
  2. Other skills (e.g. computer literacy, ..): Computer, Training, Facilitation, Counselling Skills
  3. Present Position: Lecturer Public Health College, Chulalongkorn University- Bangkok
  4. Years within the firm
  5. Key qualifications (Relevant to the project)

             Thirty years of developing countries work in clinical and public health fields of HIV/AIDS, Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH), Migration and Health System Development. Specific skills and experience in 1) Strategic Planning, 2) Monitoring & Evaluation, 3) Project Management, 4) Capacity Building, 5) Life Skills Education 6) Peer Education


  1. Specific experience in the region:
Country Date: from- to (m/yr)
Thailand Jan 2008 July 2010 Lecturer Chulalongkorn University
Thailand, Nepal, Pakistan Jan 2008 July 2010 free lance consultant
Bangladesh, Bhutan, Burma/Myanmar, Fiji, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Thailand Jan 2003 Dec 2007 free lance consultant
Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos , Thailand Jun 1995 -Dec 2002 EU AIDS ARH Coordinator SE Asia
Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Oct 1991- Apr 1995 IOM Medical Officer & HIV expert


Aug 1990 – Sep 1991 PHC advisor to Ministry of Health








  1. Professional experience:
From – To Location Company & Reference Person Position Description
Jan 2008

Dec 2015(on going)

Thailand College of Public Health Sciences (CPHS) Chulalongkorn University Bangkok

Prof. Sathirakorn Pongpanich, Ph.D.


Lecturer Principal Lecturer in Health System Development,

Lecturer in How to read Scientific papers critically & Reproductive Health (Behaviour Change Communication)

Thesis Tutor for Masters and PhD students.

Peer Reviewer for AIDS (former) and Journal of Health Research (present) reviewed 43 submitted articles from Nov 2011 to date

Free lance consultant 60 day/year absence from university

Oct 2012

Nov 2012

Pakistan UNFPA Pakistan

Mr Rabbi Royan

Coutry Rep

Maternal Neonatal Chid Health (MNCH) single largest programme of UNFPA 7th country program (2004-2012). Objective: To form an independent opinion on the technical quality of each piece of research conducted under UNFPA/MNCH AWP 2010 and 2011, as well the robustness of processes involved in selection of research topics and identification of researchers to undertake the studies.
Oct 2010

May 2011

(60 work days)

Bhutan UNFPA Bhutan

Mr Yeshey Dorji

Assistant Representative  

Team member Free Lance consultant Review of 2006-10 RH National Strategic Plan (NSP) and Operational Plan to provide an assessment of the implementation of the Adolescent RH component of the Programme. Review of relevance of adopted strategies, quantity /quality results available, restructuring of MOH department roles, coordination and information system. Recommendations   for the 2011-2015 RH plan based on findings and recommendations of the review.
May 2010

June 2010

Myanmar UNAIDS Myanmar

Markus Bühler M&E Advisor

Team member Free Lance consultant Review of 2006-10 HIV National Strategic Plan (NSP) and Operational Plan to provide an assessment of the implementation of the NSP. Review of relevance of strategies for stage of the epidemic, quantity /quality results, roles of decentralization, multi-sectoral involvement, coordination and information system. Develop the 2011-15 NSP based on findings and recommendations of the review.
Sep 2009

Oct 2009

Uganda Doctors with Africa-CUAMM

Dr Dante Carraro – Director

Team Head

Free Lance consultant

Prepare protocol with questionnaires for Health Facility Survey, including Client satisfaction , on RH services with focus on ARH, maternal, neonatal health and HIV integration in Karamoja Uganda
Mar 2009

May 2009

(35 work days)

Thailand UNICEF Thailand

MrTomoo Hozumi – Representative

Single Member Free Lance consultant Advisor to Thai MOH for preparing a Global Fund ATM Round 9 proposal on interventions to provide multisectoral, coordinated interventions for orphans and HIV infected and affected children.
Feb 2006

Oct 2008

(1 month,

2 times a year

per 3 years)

Tanzania Doctors with Africa-CUAMM

Dr Dante Carraro – Director

Team Head

Free Lance consultant

Technical assistance in drawing plans and monitoring implementation for MDG 4, 5, 6 in three districts of Iringa Region. Regular Technical assistance at hospital and community level for the integration/follow up of interventions on ARH, MCH, Newborn care, HIV/AIDS care and prevention including PMTCT.   Capacity building on planning and implementing Household and Health Facility surveys in 3 districts.
Nov 07

Dec 07

(45 work days)

Fiji UNFPA – Fiji

Ms. Giulia Vallese – Deputy Repr

Single Member Free Lance consultant Adviser attached to the Secretariat of the Pacific Community for the development of a 2009-13 ARH Strategy including HIV and preliminary workplans with indicators for 10 Pacific Island Countries
Aug 2007

Jan 2008

(38 work days)


Ms Navveda Khawaja RH Adviser

Team Head Free Lance consultant Desk Review of relevant documents and Facilitator of a consultation on ARH, Communication Strategies and Life Skills for sexual health behaviours change in seven South Asian countries
Feb 2007

Mar 2007

(40 work days)

Myanmar UNAIDS – Myanmar

Mr Markus Bühler M&E Adviser

Single Member Free Lance consultant Review of Peer education Approaches (PEA) in the prevention of HIV in Burma. Assess and make recommendation of six critical components of an effective PEA adopted by Government, INGO and NGO/CBO.
Nov 2006

Jan 2007

(25work days)

Bhutan UNFPA Bhutan

Mr Yeshey Dorji

Assistant Representative  

Single Member Free Lance consultant Advisor to the Ministry of Education Bhutan to assess the on going comprehensive school health programme and make recommendations for a new programme phase with focus on adolescent reproductive health and life skills education.
Dec 2006

Jan 2007

(27 work day)

Indonesia GTZ-Indonesia

Ms Gertrud Schmidt-Ehry

Single Member Free Lance consultant Advisor to the Ministry of Health Indonesia and WHO, to Develop a guidelines manual for collecting and using indicators of reproductive and child health services at district level in most vulnerable districts.
Mar 2006

May 2006

(60 work day)

Tanzania Italian Ministry Foreign Affairs

Dr. Vincenzo Racalbuto Expert

Team Head

Free Lance consultant

Write a research protocol with questionnaire on sexual, drug use behaviour and using biological markers to assess prevalence of HIV, STI and drug use among Tanzanian adolescents.
Sep 2005

Jan 2006

(30 work day)

Myanmar IOM- Asia Regional Office

Dr Tom O’Rourke – Chief MO

Team Head

Free Lance consultant

Need assessment with focus on AIDS, TB and Malaria, strategy identification and health project planning for gold mines and oil fields migrants in Sagaing and Singu Divisions
Nov 2005

25 days

Kyrgyzstan GRM International

Janneke Roos Programme Coordinator (retired)

Team Member Free Lance consultant Evaluate ‘The State Programme On The Prevention Of Aids, STI And Through Injecting Way In The Kyrgyz Republic 2001 – 2005 Strategy No. 3: Young People (YP) (definitions, ‘2nd Generation Surveillance’, causes of the epidemic, vulnerability, services, knowledge awareness and behaviours,  In/out-of -school programmes, peer education) Strategy No. 6: Communication (YP social marketing programs, BCC interventions, role of mass media)
Jul 2004

Dec 2004

(full time)

South-East Asian


European Commission

EC Delegation in Bangkok



Advisor Assist the SE Asia and China EC delegations as described in details in Nov 95 Dec 02 below. Represent the EC in CCM meeting of the Global Fund for ATM. Capacity building on HIV/AIDS related issues for EC health experts in different delegations. Assist projects in Burma, Laos Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand Vietnam
Jul 2003

Jun 2004

(156 work days)

Bangladesh Family Health Intl. -Bangladesh

Mr. R. Kelly , Country Director

Team Head

Free Lance consultant

Assess FHI projects that were using a life skills approach for prevention of HIV & AIDS among young most at risk populations (MARPS): sex workers, men who have sex with men and injecting drug user. Capacity building of FHI trainers about development of curricula, manuals, training materials for life skills based education. Advisor on curriculum and manual for HIV counsellors.
Jun 2003

Jun 2005

(85 work days)

Bangladesh UNICEF-Bangladesh

Dr Rosella Morelli Dep Represent. (retired)

Single Member Free Lance consultant Evaluate projects for Children in need of Special Protection’ using in- and out of- school Peer Educators. Develop and review training modules, curricula, manuals. Observe Field activities, Facilitate Life skills participatory workshop.  Evaluate life skills projects in Schools
Mar 2003

May 2003

(full time)

Thailand, Malaysia UNFPA Asia Pacific Division

Dr. Chayot Kunanusont

HIV Regional adviser

Short Term Advisor

for project inception

Start implementation of two regional projects: 1. Develop multi purpose advocacy tools for HIV and AIDS prevention among adolescents in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Papua New Guinea. 2. Identify effective model interventions “with’ and ‘for’ female sex workers in Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Vietnam.
May 1995

Dec 2002

Thailand (Burma/Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos) European Commission (EC)

EC Delegation in Bangkok


HIV/AIDS & Reproductive Health (RH) Programme Coordinator SE Asia – To conduct situation analyses and strategic planning for the EC AIDS & RH programme in Thailand.

–    To appraise project proposals and identify projects for EC technical and financial support.

–    To provide technical assistance to projects in the area of : STD control, ARH, Behaviour Change and Life Skills for in- and out-of-school youths, Sex Workers and Injecting Drug users interventions, HIV counselling, and Capacity Building.

–    To monitor and evaluate funded projects’ progress and results (field visits, interviews, commenting reports).

–    To represent the EC AIDS & RH Programme in National and Regional Fora and participate in ad-hoc task forces.

–    To meet, and coordinate with key players in HIV/AIDS and RH fields.

–    To assist the EC Delegation in assessing other health issues

Oct 1991

Apr 1995

Thailand /Cambodia (occasionally Vietnam, Honk Kong. Indonesia), International Organisation for Migration IOM- Asia Office

Dr Tom O’Rourke – Chief MO

Medical Officer –          To advise IOM, Health Ministries, WHO on HIV testing & counselling

–          To develop/manage HIV testing/counselling services for refugees.

–          To supervise the refugee camp tuberculosis (TB) programme.

–          To do medical screening/vaccinations of departing refugees.

–          To address management problems with staff, embassies, local labs,

–          To supervise research on “Sudden Unexplained Death in Sleep

Aug 1990

Oct 1991  

Vietnam InDevelop Uppsala AB

S:t Olofosgatan 6 S-752 35 Uppsala Tel 018-157155

Mr Agne Andersson Chief Advisor


PHC adviser –          To assist the Provincial Health Level to develop district managed PHC.

–          To develop management tools (job descriptions, checklists, etc.).

–          To provide supervision (by using structured/written guidelines),

–          To facilitate training (task analysis, learning objectives, methods

–          To develop planning skills, using Project Cycle Management

Jan 1990

May 1990

Switzerland WHO- Geneva

Dr Anotnio Pio (retired)

Short term consultant To develop a draft “ARI Country Profile” for national and WHO use. The country profile is a kind of annual “report” to be compiled by ARI programmes worldwide.
May 1988

Dec 1988  


Dec 1985-

Apr 1986

Italy and East Africa Doctors with Africa-CUAMM

Dr Dante Carraro – Director

Programme manager and trainer – To conduct field visits to evaluate existing health cooperation programmes.

– To prepare new health project proposals for Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania,

– To train volunteer doctors intending to work in Developing Countries.

May 1986

April 1988

Tanzania                      Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Piazzale della Farnesina Roma Italy

Dr Guido Bertolaso (retired)

Expert coordinator –          To monitor, supervise and give TA to nine health cooperation projects in Iringa, Dodoma and Singida Regions

–          To be member of the JNSP National Steering Committee

–          To raise awareness and act for the emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic

Jun 1985

Nov 1985

Italy National Health Service

Ospedale di Lovere Bergamo

Paediatrician In and out patient care of children attending hospital services
May 1980

Dec 1984

Uganda Doctors with Africa-CUAMM

Dr Dante Carraro – Director


Hospital Medical Superintendent

–          To manage a 50 bed Paediatric Ward and the PHC Department (EPI, MCH, training of Village Health Workers, supervision of health centres.

–          To care for adult and children at the outpatient department.

–          To be the Hospital Medical Superintendent (1983 /1984).

Aug 1978

May 1980

Italy S. Matteo

Pavia University Hospital

Late Prof. Roberto Burgio

Intern Post-graduate intern, Pediatric Department,



  1. Others:  

14 a. Training experience (in addition to present lecturer position)

2000-2001. Main facilitator of four UNESCO workshops “Developing Empowering Educational Strategies and Gender Sensitive IEC Materials for HIV/AIDS Prevention” conducted in Thailand, Cambodia, China and Philippines.


1996-2002 Guest lecturer for the Master on PHC Management Programme at ASEAN Institute for Health Development, Mahidol University, Bangkok. Thailand.


1993-1994 Main facilitator of “HIV counselling” courses for Vietnamese Ministry of Health , WHO/Cambodia, UNHCR (Ivory Coast)


1986-1988 Honorary lecturer Community Health Department, Faculty of Medicine Muhimbili Medical Centre. Dar Es Salaam. Tanzania


14 b. Memberships

– UN task force on drug/harm reduction (UNDCP) and on youth (UNICEF) (1997-2002)

       – UNFPA/Myanmar evaluation team – Birth Spacing Project in Myanmar (1999).

       – Strategic planning teams for the regional HIV/AIDS programme (UNICEF and AusAid)

       – Working group “Reproductive Health” International Conference: Science & Health (Bangkok 1997)

       – Secretary of ‘Tanzania Public Health Association’ annual conference committee (1986 & 1987)


14 c.   Publications:


1. Calistus Wilunda. Alessio Panza et al. Availability, utilisation and quality of maternal and neonatal health care services in Karamoja region, Uganda: a health facility-based survey Reproductive Health 08 April 2015 BioMed Central. DOI 10.1186/s12978-015-0018-7


Ye Win Aung, Alessio Panza. Knowledge, attitude, barriers and preventive behaviors of Tuberculosis among Myanmar migrants at Hua Fai village, Mae Sot district, Tak province, Thailand. J Health Res. 2014;2014-Supplement; S55-60


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Panza A. et al. (1982) A case of Hypophosphatasia in early infancy. Ped. Med. Chir.4: 447-45 (Italian: Su di un caso di ipofosfatasia nel lattante)

14 d.       References:



Former EU ambassador to Zimbabwe, Chargé d’Affaires a.i of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Mauritius

8th floor, St. James Court, St. Denis Street,
P-O — Box 1148, Port Louis, Mauritius

Telephone: +230 2071515   Fax: +230 2116624


Email: Aldo.DELL’


Prof. Dr. Godfried (Frits) van Griensven, PhD, MPH

Associate Director for Science
HIV/AIDS Program
The Thailand MOPH – US CDC Collaboration
DMS Building 6, Ministry of Public Health
Nonthaburi 11000 Thailand
Mob. phone 66 1 7559015   Tel. office 66 2 5918358     Fax 66 2 5915443