Heru Susetyo, PhD


Heru Susetyo, PhD

hsusetyo@ui.ac.id ; heru.susetyo@live.com


Heru Susetyo was born in Bandung Indonesia at January 13th, 1972; Currently live in South Jakarta with a wife and four children. Earned Bachelor of Law from from Faculty of Law University of Indonesia (1996), Master of Law (International Human Rights Law) from Northwestern Law School, Chicago – USA (2003), Master of Social Work from University of Indonesia (2003) and PhD degree in Human Rights and Peace Studies at Mahidol University, Bangkok – Thailand in 2014. Currently taking second PhD degree on Victimology by research (external researcher) at INTERVICT Tilburg University, Netherlands.

Becoming faculty member at Faculty of Law University of Indonesia, Department of Law and Society since 1996 up to present where he has been responsible to teach Cultural Anthropology, Basic Humanities, Social Legislation, Women, Family and Law in Development, Victimology, Children Protection Law, and Legal Research Method. He is also responsible to teach Law and Development Course and Social Legislation at Faculty of Social Sciences University of Indonesia since 2007.

In 2009-2013 Heru Susetyo served as Secretary to Postgraduate Program Faculty of Law University of Indonesia and since 2014 onwards has been serving as Manager of Academic and Student Affairs Faculty of Law Universitas Indonesia.

Heru Susetyo is Executive Committee of World Society of Victimology, Senior Fellow of CENTHRA (Center of Human Rights Research and Advocacy) and also an Editor in Chief of Sharia Journal, Center for Islam and Islamic Law Studies, Faculty of Law University of Indonesia. He was admitted to Indonesian Bar Association in 1999. Accessible at hsusetyo@ui.ac.id and heru.susetyo@live.com, twitter: @herususetyo personal blog : http://herususetyo.com

1. Human Rights
2. Victimology
3. Social Legislation
4. Children Rights

1. World Society of Victimology (WSV)
2. International Association for Study of Forced Migration (IASFM)
3. Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia (PERADI)
4. Serikat Pengajar HAM (SEPAHAM)

1. Fulbrights Scholarship batch 2002
2. API Nippon Foundation Scholarship 2006
3. Salzburg Global Seminar Scholarship 2008
4. KEKI Belgium Scholarship 2010
5. DIKTI Indonesia Scholarship 2008