Welcome Message

It is a great honour for Indonesian Student Association in Thailand (PPI Thailand/PERMITHA) to welcome the participants of the 4th AASIC (Asian Academic Society International Conference) 2016.

Taking a central theme “Globalizing Asia : Integrating Science, Technology and Humanities for Future Growth and Development”, the 4th AASIC aims to provide a medium to share knowledge and experience among Asian nationals and those who conducting research in Asia Pacific region.

From the plenary, panel and oral presentation sessions, we expect to share the most crucial issues in Asia-Pacific region with evidence-based studies to direct the government and policy makers in designing strategic planning for the future growth and development of the regions.

Not only sharing knowledge and experiences, the 4th AASIC also wishes to extend the network and cultural exchange among the participants, to gain a better understanding of a diverse Asia.

The 4th AASIC is supported by the Indonesian Embassy for Royal Thai Kingdom and hosted by Mahidol University which ranked the first among the best University in Asia. Therefore, it is a privilege to welcome you all to Mahidol University Salaya, the Wisdom of the Land.

I wish you a joyful conference, and have a pleasant stay in Thailand!


     With warmest regards,


Dyah Anantalia Widyastari

              Chairman of 4th AASIC