These points below were made in order to give clear and concise information on oral presentation session in the 7th AASIC


  1. An ORAL PRESENTATION SESSION is a session consisting several papers clustered based on their theme similarities where the author is welcomed to present their paper in front of other audiences under guidance of a chairman.
  2. An ORAL PRESENTER is a person who his/her paper will be presented in an ORAL PRESENTATION SESSION. Note that only one presenter is allowed for one paper. Hence, in case of more than one author attends the session, one author must be selected to be the presenting author.
  3. A CHAIRMAN is a person which is appointed by the committee to lead, guide and moderate the ORAL PRESENTATION SESSION due to his/her expertise and experience. Simply, he/she is the head of the session which full authority has been given upon him/her to ensure the session run conducive.
  4. A CO-CHAIRMAN is a committee member which is present on site and tasked to give technical assistance to the CHAIRMAN.


  1. The ORAL PRESENTATION SESSION will be held in series which one ORAL PRESENTER will be called to present his/her paper completely within the duration allowed.
  2. The presentation must be delivered in English only. We expect each ORAL PRESENTER prepared his/her English well so that the speech delivered would be understood by the audience. We also encourage all participants to use English as their means of communication during the conference as participants from different countries will also present.
  3. The ORAL PRESENTER must be present in the room when he/she is called by the CHAIRMAN. Fail to do so will cause permanent cancellation of his paper from the listed presentation.
  4. The duration given to each ORAL PRESENTER is fifteen minutes (15 min). However, the effective duration should be around 13 min as 2 min is reserved for the transition duration between ORAL PRESENTER.
  5. The presentation is expected to be structured in two parts: 10 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of discussion where one or two questions from the audience are expected.
  6. One minute (1 min) prior to the end of presentation duration (exactly at min 9), the CO-CHAIRMAN will ring the bell as a sign that presentation session will be over in 1 min. Please make your presentation short to fit to the time given as more than that; the CHAIRMAN will immediately cut your presentation.
  7. The CHAIRMAN is the one who bears full authority of the session. Please refer and obey to his/her instruction.
  8. Every participant present in the conference have to dress properly. A suit is best preferred.
  9. Should there be case when the participant needs to leave the room, e.g., going to the restroom, praying etc., please feel free to do so without asking permission but be in orderly manner.
  10. Any activities that will cause disturbance to the session or to other participants such as smoking, chatting loudly, arguing, etc. is prohibited. Any violation will be warned by the CHAIRMAN to the extent of banishment from the room.
  11. Following items will be provided to assist your presentation: a projector, a laptop (plus an operator), a pointer and a microphone.
  12. Please don’t forget to introduce your name and affiliation in the beginning of your presentation.


  1. Slideshow/presentation material (from this on will be called PPT) must be made by using Microsoft PowerPoint software which the number of slides must be enough to display your paper essence while considering time limitation.
  2. PPT must be made using good written English.
  3. Please avoid such thing as:
    1. Making too much slides number.
    2. Putting too much words/pictures in a slide.
    3. Set the size of words/pictures too small or too big.
    4. Using color combination that does not contrast each other.
    5. Using certain font that hardly read.
    6. Displaying content containing pornography, racism, or anything that is considered unlawful to certain religion, country, community, etc. except for academic/scientific purpose which must be explained well to the audiences.
    7. Using any content that is considered redundant which its elimination shall be better.
  4. PPT must be sent to the committee no later than 5 November 2019 by uploading via http://bit.ly/oralpresentaasic7. Fail to do so may cause your elimination from the listed presenter.


  1. The CHAIRMAN will give marking for each presenter based on the following criteria: 1) clarity and concision of information, 2) quality of the presentation file (slide show), 3) presenting technique (speech quality); which the score ranged from 0 to 10.
  2. A best oral presenter for will be awarded for each ORAL PRESENTATION SESSION which will be announced in Gala Dinner Session (Wednesday night, 13/10).
  3. The winner will be given a certificate of achievement.
  4. The result is absolute and cannot be contested.


These points below were made in order to give clear and concise information on oral presentation session in the 7th AASIC


A poster is a graphically based approach to presenting research. In presenting your research with a poster, you should aim to use the poster as a means for generating active discussion of the research.


  1. Poster presentation session will be held just after the plenary session (Keynote Speaker) in day 1 and 2 of the conference for a duration of 20 min each.
  2. The author must be present on site by the poster when the presentation is undergoing to have discussion and receiving feedback from the attendees.
  3. The author must be dressed in a suitable manner which suit is best preferred.
  4. Consider providing a brief handout or copies of your poster to distribute to poster session attendees.


  1. The poster must be made and printed by the author him/herself and be brought to the conference venue on the first day (12 Nov) at the same time with the registration process.
  2. The poster must be set before the opening ceremony.
  3. The size must be set in A1 paper size: width x height = 59.4 cm x 84.1 cm or 23.4 x 33.1 in (portrait orientation) with margin at no less than 10 cm.
  4. The poster can be made from any printing material (paper, flex, etc.); however, it has to be digitally printed.
  5. The poster must be containing information at least:
    1. Title, author name and affiliation
    2. Abstract (no more than 250 words)
    3. Introduction with objective
    4. Methods/methodology
    5. Results and discussions
    6. Conclusion
    7. Acknowledgements (if necessary)
    8. Conclusion
    9. Reference (max 5)
  6. The design should be made following these criteria:
    1. The text/sentences should be made brief, compact while avoiding excessive, unimportant text/sentences.
    2. A proverb says “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Take advantage of using picture, graph, figure or chart as they are better to explain your research.
    3. Use font size or font type that is reader friendly.
    4. Avoid using color combination that does not contrast each other.
    5. Layout your poster in an orderly manner to ease your audience.
  7. The committee will provide place for attachment of your poster. However, you are obligated to bring your own means of attaching the paper onto the place (glue, tape, etc.)


  1. There will be marking/scoring of the poster which will be given by the attendees on site.
  2. The marking/scoring will be done online using Google Form which QR Code/link to the forms will be provided by the committee.
  3. The winner will be given a certificate of achievement.
  4. The result will be announced in the Gala Dinner session.
  5. The result is absolute and cannot be contested.


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