About Hat Yai

Hat Yai Municipal Park
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The 7th AASIC will be hosted by Prince of Songkla University, Hat Yai Campus. Hat Yai, or previously referred as Khok Samet Chun, is a city located 946 km southwards from Bangkok. With a total area of 21.00 km2, Hat Yai is the largest city in Songkhla province, the fourth largest in Thailand, and the largest metropolitan area in Southern Thai. It serves as the business center of Songkhla province.

Located near the border of Malaysia, you may expect tourists from Malaysia and Singapore, who frequently pick Hat Yai as a destination to visit. The city possesses a charm as a travel hub, medical center and a pleasant place for a shopping spree.

How to Get There

As a travel hub, there are some alternative transit ports you can travel from to get to Hat Yai. Airlines services usually provide some transit routes through Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Singapore.

  1. From Bangkok
  2. You can reach Hat Yai by plane, bus, or train. There are 5 trains transporting from Bangkok to Hat Yai each day. A land trip from Bangkok to Hat Yai is quite a long one, with the fastest service is on Train 41 which is scheduled to be 13 hours and 44 minutes long, while the slowest is Train 169 with 17 hours and 40 minutes. Bus travel is expected to be 13.515 hours long, while van is a quicker and slightly more expensive alternative. Flight is the fastest option which takes only 1.5 hours.

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    1. Booking bus and van from Bangkok to Hat Yai
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    2. Booking and Info train Bangkok to Hat Yai (choose Southern Line)
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  3. From Kuala Lumpur
  4. Once you get to Kuala Lumpur, you can take another flight for approximately 1 hour 35 minutes. Alternatively, you can take a van or bus trip which takes around 9–10 hours with the price of 500–600 THB depending on your choice of normal or VIP bus. You may also take Electric Train Services from KL to Padang Besar (Border between Malaysia and Thailand) and continue with Shuttle Train to Hat Yai, as the direct train between KL-Hatyai is already canceled.

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    1. Booking bus and van from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai
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    2. Booking and Info train train KL to Padang besar
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  5. From Penang
  6. Penang is one of the closest transit ports to Hat Yai which only takes 220 km journey and approximately 34 hours of land travel. Both bus travel with the fee of 35 RM and van travel for 40–50 RM are popular options for this trip. Train route will take 2 trips, consisting of Penang – Padang Besar and Padang Besar – Hatyai.

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    1. Booking bus and van from Penang to Hat Yai
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    2. Booking and Info train train KL to Hat Yai
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  7. From Singapore
  8. The last route is to go through Singapore. Aside from the transit route by plane, you can go to Hat Yai from Singapore by bus for 1142 THB. The trip takes around 13 hours.

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Yannaty Hotel

Credit: @bakhrululum19

Yannaty Hotel, a hotel that is converted into a Halal Standard Management System is the official venue of 7th AASIC. Which is located in the business district of Hat Yai Which provides a full range of services in a 4-star hotel standard.

There are three ways to get here from three different transportations

  1. From Airport
  2. If you will land in Hat Yai International Aiport, the distance between Airpot and Venue is around 13 KM, there are at least 4 options to get to the venue from here.

    1. The easiest and fastest way is by booking online transportation (Grab), the rate should be around THB 250
    2. Another fastest way is by booking the taxi meter, the counters are exact in the exit gate. The rate is fixed THB 250 to get to the city center.
    3. There is also bus shuttle that runs every 30 minutes to the Bus Station. It costs only THB 60. However, to get to the hotel, you might need another transfer by other transportation from Bus Station.
    4. The cheapest way, but takes longer time is Songthaew, it is public transportation in Hat Yai, they cover the rout between Airport to Bus Station, it costs THB 30.

  3. From Bus Station
  4. Bus station is 2 KM away from the Venue. There are at least 3 options to get to Yannaty Hotek from Bus Station.

    1. First way is by booking online transportation (Grab) both car or bike, the rate should be around THB 80 for Car and THB 40 for motorcycle.
    2. There are many motorcycle taxi that waiting for you in the bus station, the rate is flexible, depends on how you make a deal with the driver, the rate should be not more than THB 50.
    3. Tuk-tuk also could be your option, especially if you come not alone, it can fit more at least 8 people. The rate is around THB 100-200

  5. From Train Station
  6. If you arrive to Hat Yai by train, from the station is very walkable as it is only 700 meters away. You could also use tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi to get there.

Where to Stay

The full address of the venue is 186 Thanon Niphatuthit 3, Tambon Hat Yai, Amphoe Hat Yai, Chang Wat Songkhla 90110. If you want to stay at the this hotel you can book through this link

The venue is in the city center as well as tourist center, there are hundreds of accommodation located near the venue. To find walkable stay to the venue, please make sure you type “Hat Yai Downtown” to the websites you used to use for booking the accommodation. The link below might be useful for your booking in the future.
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Contact Us

Permitha Simpul PSU

Prince of Songkla University

15 Karnjanavanich Road, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

E-mail : [email protected]

Instagram : @aasic_7

Facebook : AASIC 7

Website : https://aasic.org/