Related Mother‟s Knowledge Of Measles Adverse Events Following Immunization With Anxiety‟s Mother After Immunization In Sangkrah Health Center Surakarta

Arind Vicha Pradina


Knowledge of mothers about immunization and adverse effects is needed in the implementation of immunization, especially the persistence of the 12 cases of measles were there at the Sangkrah health center that requires awareness of mothers to immunize their children. Mother had also got to know the side effects after implementation of measles immunization, known as Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI), most children suffering from fever after receiving measles immunization and mothers often tense, anxious and worried. Determine the relationship between mothers' knowledge of post-event follow-up measles immunization with maternal anxiety post- immunization. The study design using this type of observational analytic and cross sectional approach. The sampling technique used is accidental sampling where the sample is mothers immunize their children at the Sangkrah health center totaled 67 respondents. A total of 53.7% of respondents have more than average knowledge so quite well, and as much as 55% of respondents have a score below average so do not experience anxiety, Pearson correlation analysis produces rho value of 0.4393 with p-value < (0.000 <0.05), with the direction of the negative correlation. There is a relationship between mother‘s knowledge of measles adverse events following immunization

with anxiety‘s mother after immunization in Sangkrah health center Surakarta. 

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