the Comparison of Striae Gravidarum (Sg) Number and Erythema Degree After 8-week Olive Oil and Virgin Coconut Oil Application Among the Primigravida Trimester Ii in Tanjung Pinang

Astri Yulia Sari Lubis, Syarief Taufik H, Melyana Nurul W, Hamdiah Hamdiah


Striae Gravidarum (SG) and erythema level among the primigravida indicated the physical skin changes during pregnancy. In this study, there were 48 primigravida aged more than 35 years old at pregnancy age 18-24 weeks recruited by a consecutive sampling method at the health center and midwife Practice Private (BPS) in the area department of health Tanjung Pinang. We designed three (3) experimental groups respectively obtained olive oil, virgin coconut oil (VCO), and mineral oil. The treatments were provided twice every day for 8 weeks. Basting was done 2 times a day in the morning and evening after shower on upper and lower stomach without massage smeared (limited covered area at xyphoid to the symphysis pubis, and the side boundary is the mid line axillary right- left). The volume of oil blasted to the respondents‘ accordance with the treatment was 2 mL, so a total of 224 mL oil was used for 8 weeks in each group. The results revealed the SG numbers and erythema level at primigravida aged more than 35 years with gestational age 18-24 weeks were undetected at the group obtained VCO. Participants who experienced erythema level was found at

group treated with either olive oil or mineral oil. 

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