Road Accidents Characteristics Analysis Using Minor Statistics Test (Case Study: Rama Setia Road, Banda Aceh)

Rahmat Lazuardi, Sugiarto Sugiarto


This study aims to analyze the most dominant road accident characteristics inside Rama Setia road segment so that the vehicle type with highest involvement in road accident will obtained inside the observed site. The study performed using mean and standard deviation parameters as explanatory variables with road accidents proportion method which recommended from Public Works Department as the analytical variable. Analysis results obtained from these two variables would be tested using Two-Tail Test comparative hypothesis from the road accident categories in Rama Setia road segment as the observed site and another major roads in Banda Aceh as the control zone. The results of hypothesis tests are statistically analyzed using Normal Distribution Test with significance level of 5% (Ztable value = 1.640). Of all the road accident characteristics analyzed with Normal Distribution Test, it can be concluded that there are similarities between the characteristics of the road accident cases in Rama Setia road and the characteristics of the road accident which occurred in another major roads in Banda Aceh city. These results also confirmed that the method of mean and standard deviation mean parameters have identical results to Rizki‘s research (2012)

whom using the proportion crash method. 

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