The Level of Community Participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (Eia), a Case Study of 100 Mw Gas Power Plant Project

Yusufu Rajabu Kamote, Jongdee To-im


This paper presents the level of community participation in Environmental Impact Assessment process. One of the important stages of EIA is involvement of stakeholders whom will be supposed to decide what to be done in their areas for their own development and conserving environment. However, most of the development projects tend to ignore the involvement of community participation and brought so many conflicts between the developer and the affected society. In this study quantitative and qualitative data were used to collect the required data. The data were collected through structured questionnaires, observation, interview, focus group and documentary reviews. The study reveals the level of community participation was very low, community was not involved in early stages of the designing project and the information of the meeting was provided late, this allows little time for them to make preparation. The study recommended that there should be early involvement of community, notice of meeting to be announced one week prior to the

meeting date and enough time must be given to participants to send comments. 

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