Optimization of Demographic Bonus Through Smoking Danger Communities to Realize Healthy Generation

Dwi Putriana Naibaho, Darorie Noor Ubaidillah


In 2020-2030 Indonesia is predicted to enter the Demographic Bonus phase. At present the cigarette excise tax is one of the biggest contributors to the state budget. This is directly proportional to the high number of active smokers in Indonesia. Though cigarettes contain poisons that endanger the health of the younger generation. The above problem makes researchers interested in discussing an idea to provide a development solution to increase the knowledge of the dangers of smoking to children through the Community of Youth Hazards. Smoking is done by promoting referral education, instilling educative reconciliation with two dimensions, constitutional rules and psychological or religious approaches. The purpose of this scientific work is to convey innovative and creative concepts in reducing the frequency of smoking. The method in writing this paper with the study of literature. This Youth Community is a work that focuses on educational reconciliation in optimizing bonus demographics to reduce the frequency of many smoking cases.

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